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Integrated Shudh Waste Management [ISWM]

We provide end to end waste management services based on 5R concept. These services are the best Zero waste service in the country. This model is for Private Societies, Government Organizations, Private Organizations, Army Cants, Municipal Corporation, etc. We have developed an effective and productive infrastructure to fight pollution with proper Waste Management. 

Benefits of ISWM

  • Free Composting Machine i.e. very small capital investment

  • Skilled and properly trained manpower ie. better management and well behavior

  • High-quality microbic culture made by our experts. 

  • A complete single window solution ie. better accountability and execution

  • Very minimal charges per house basis ie. complete waste management at a small cost. 

  • Only 5-10% dumping in landfill ie. reduction of 70 - 80% waste dumping ie. contributing to saving the environment.

  • Endorsing employment, less waste generation & recycling

  • Free compost for your gardens and parks.

  • Education of waste management.

  • Taking a smart move to make a sustainable future for our upcoming generations.




Door to door collection of wet and dry waste in closed vehicles.


Multiple levels of segregation of waste done by highly skilled workforce.



Processing of organic waste and converting it into high quality compost.


​Segregation of dry waste and recycling it into reusable products.

Running Sites



In association with Municipal Corporation.

Successfully inaugurated our "Zero Waste Processing and Management" site in Panchkula in association with Municipal Corporation Panchkula.


Chief Guest: Commissioner Municipal Corporation Panchkula

Swachh Bharat Panchkula Municipal Corporation

Waste Management is not a Technology or a Method, it is a "Thought" that has to be embraced. It's a matter of believing not adopting.

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